Oldies Music http://www.fiftyplusone.com/news/2013/05/02/oldies-music This week, I started hearing Prince on my local oldies radio station. Not old school, classic rock or R&B, but O-L-D-I-E-S, as in the last way station before commercial radio’s cultural irrelevance. Admittedly, I wasn’t just scanning the dial and happened to catch His Symbolness; I plead guilty to listening to the station, meaning that marketers are almost demographically done with me.   For years, I found comfort in turning on the oldies station and hearing Elvis and the Beach… 2013-05-02 The Mississippi Factor http://www.fiftyplusone.com/news/2013/02/20/the-mississippi-factor Be honest: if you were offered a 30 percent raise in your current pay and a move up the corporate ladder in exchange for moving to Mississippi: would you do it?    For most people, the answer would be a resounding “NO!” and the reasons are all too familiar. Mississippi has a public relations problem the size of a fast food waistline with extra corn syrup—and no one wants to be associated with it. If you live somewhere suffering from… 2013-02-20 Choke Point http://www.fiftyplusone.com/news/2013/01/22/choke-point Fifty Shades of Grey has a new meaning thanks to Beijing’s air pollution index recording 755 on a scale of 0 to 500, with 500 being the most unhealthful air imaginable.  For the first (and I suspect) not the last time, Beijing’s local council restricted construction and industrial activity, curbed vehicle use by government officials and ordered schools to limit outside activity. On the same day New Yorkers went about their normal business with an air pollution rating of… 2013-01-22 Fifty + One News and Views http://www.fiftyplusone.com Fifty Plus One is a unique, award-winning, full-service political consulting firm, helping candidates and issue campaigns fashion their bold ideas into electoral majorities since 1994.