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Michael Grossman

Michael Grossman founded Fifty Plus One in 1994 with the goal of utilizing his diverse talents and experience working as a campaign manager, press secretary and fundraiser to create seamless campaigns.

He became interested in politics as a child while watching Walter Cronkite deliver election returns while all his friends were out doing normal things. His interest intensified when he realized the last pro sports contract signed by someone his size was during the days of black and white televisions with antennas.

Michael received a BA from Syracuse University, a fact he started admitting only after the Orangemen finally won the NCAA men's basketball tournament in 2003.

Merilyn Moss

Merilyn Moss serves as the creative director for all of our graphic design. She has been creating striking visual materials including logos, direct mail, posters, brochures, newspaper ads and billboards for over 20 years.

Her background as a scribe was excellent training for burning the midnight oil for campaigns, though she's graduated from candlelight to the illumination of the Macintosh. She can tap dance with the best of politicians in her Capezios and can ski downhill even faster than our opponents' sinking poll numbers.

Mike West

In the battle of Mac vs. PC, Mike is the cool guy on the left, wearing the mod glasses that he stole from Austin Power's swinging London shag pad. He has earned degrees in graphic design and interactive media, with an advanced degree in reflexive eye rolling from listening to Mr. Grossman's half-baked schemes and trying to bring them to reality.

When not visiting his optometrist for thicker lenses, Mike can be found listening to live music south of the border. He credits his success to his beautiful wife, two lovely children and the ability to tell a "1" from a "0" before he could even speak.